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We're a modern DTC solution designed for the craft beverage industry

Gone are the painful days of bundling apps for a proper DTC solution. Synergy DTC includes everything you need to grow your brand's sales from club management to point of sale and loyalty programs.

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Wineries and tasting rooms can benefit from various DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) features to enhance their operations and customer experiences.

Point of Sale

Experience the power of seamless transactions with our modern POS. Simplify sales, streamline inventory management, and enhance customer interactions with our intuitive and feature-rich system. Boost efficiency and elevate your business to new heights.


Elevate the potential of customer relationships with our cutting-edge CRM. Seamlessly manage customer data, club management, personalize interactions, and drive customer loyalty. Gain deep insights, automate processes, and elevate your customer experience.

Order Management

Take control of your orders with our advanced order management system. Streamline your order processing, optimize inventory management, compliance and ensure timely fulfillment. From order placement to delivery, our solution simplifies the entire process, empowering your business to thrive.

Access to Millions

Significantly-improve the way your guests book their visits with our industry-leading ticketing and reservation features. Seamlessly manage bookings, streamline ticket sales, and optimize capacity while engaging our millions of qualified guests online.

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Modern DTC designed for craft-beverage

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